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Eye Socket Diagram Bones

Overview The eye socket or orbit is the bony cup surrounding your eye. The skull also provides housing for the eye and optic nerve.

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Spanning between the middle of each eye socket each lacrimal is thin and scalelike and serves as support for the eye.

Eye socket diagram bones. Its shape resembles that of a butterfly and it is one of the seven bones that form the orbital cavity or eye socket. The rim of the socket is made of fairly thick bones while the floor and nasal side of the socket is paper thin in many places. Eye sockets are cavities that essentially cup the eyes.

The bones of the chest namely the rib cage and spine protect vital organs from injury and also provide structural. The main task of the skull is the protection of the most important organ in the. Seven different bones make up the socket.

The skull is divided into the braincase cerebral cranium and the face visceral cranium. The bones that make up the orbit contain several foramina and fissures through which important neurovascular structures such as the optic nerve CN II pass through on their way from the brain to the eye and face and vice versa. Seven orbital bones make up the eye socket or bony orbit that encloses the eyeball.

In concert with each other the two bones play. The eye socket is a bony cup that surrounds and protects the eye. Ethmoid Bone This is a light and spongy bone that is situated in the anterior part of the base of the cranium.

Home Subjects Create Search Log in Sign up Upgrade to remove ads Only 299month Bones of the. A fracture is a broken bone in the eye. These muscles move the eye up and down side to side.

The eye socket contains your eyeball and all the muscles that move it. Anterior and lateral views of the skull. The human skull consists of about 22 to 30 single bones which are mostly connected together by ossified joints so called sutures.

Six extraocular muscles in the orbit are attached to the eye. Bones Function Diagram Kelly Barkers Heather Adewale Author Kelly Barkers Kelly taught 7th grade science for 5 years and served as the Science Department Chair. Several bones form the eye socket How Many.

Any number of things can cause ocular pain from dry eyes eye strain and pink eye conjunctivitis to a corneal scratch chemical exposure inflammation of the iris iritis and more. Anophthalmic eyeorbit eyelids extraocular eye muscles ocular implant Tenons capsule tearfilm socket A Pictorial Anatomy of the Human Eye. Several skull bones make up a socket and these bones join to form a four-walled pyramid behind each eye.

Start studying Bones of the Eye Socket. The orbit or socket of the eye encases the eyeball and protects its place in the skull. Surface of the eye ocular pain You may experience redness wateriness burning itchiness or irritation.

Eye socket injuries are usually the result of an accidental blow to the eye. Seven separate bones make up the eye socket. The pelvic bones include the hip bones sacrum and coccyx.

For example the orbital bones of the eye sockets are not bones in themselves but articulating parts of the sphenoid frontal zygomatic ethmoid lacrimal maxilla and palatine bones. Parts of the Eye Outside the Eyeball The eye sits in a protective bony socket called the orbit. Eye socket pain can come from.

This portion of the skull is called an orbit but it is more commonly known as the eye socket. Vienna Virginia KEY WORDS. Spanning between the middle of each eye socket each lacrimal is thin and scalelike and serves as support for the eye.

Artificial Eye Clinic of Washington DC. Learn vocabulary terms and more with flashcards games and other study tools. An orbital fracture can impact one or more orbital bones.

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