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The Diagram Shows Human Body Structure That Are Coordinate

Some human body cells are shown in the diagrams below. Question 27 SURVEY 60 seconds Q.

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Base your answers to the question on the diagram and on your knowledge of science.

The diagram shows human body structure that are coordinate. The thought of diagrams brought back memories of school days. Answer choices Loop of Henle Collecting duct Distal convulated. Cells in the human body are specialised to carry out their particular function.

11111111 P46897A0132 Human Biology Unit. Z What is the main function of the A B C. Q12Cells in the human body are specialised to carry out their particular function.

Which structure produces lipase. When the tendon below the knee is tapped with a hammer the lower leg jerks upwards in a reflex action. The person will not be able to coordinate hisher body movement Tags.

Give the letter of the structure which matches the following statements. 2 The diagram shows the structure of the human ear. X Y Which row shows the correct combination for destroying the A B.

The diagram below represents three human body systems. To provide structure and support to the human body Bones are where new blood cells are generated in the marrow and require the mineral calcium for strength Major Bones of the Human Body– femur thigh bone. A to cool the body B to lose water vapour through the skin surface C to release energy through the oxidation of glucose D to remove glucose from the blood 22 The diagram shows a section through part of the human eye.

The sperm cell is adapted for travelling to then fertilising an. 13 a On the diagram draw. The diagram shows parts of the human body system.

In the diagram below which structure performs a function similar to a function of the human lungs. The diagram shows a cell with some basic cell structures labeled. The sperm cell is.

6 Collects sound waves from the air. Diagram shows the structure of a nephron. This article explains the nervous system function and structure with the help of a human nervous system diagram and gives you that erstwhile textbook feel.

AThe diagram shows a sperm cell. The diagram labelled Y shows proteins made by the human body. 1 c i Suggest a stimulus to the hand that could start a reflex response.

Which row in the chart below correctly shows what systems A B and C provide for the human body. 1 and 4 B. Which term describes the structure 3.

Homeostasis in unicellular organisms depends on B. A Label the receptor on the diagram. Each letter may be used once more than once or not at all.

22 The diagram shows a section of the human brain. The diagram shows some of the structures involved in a reflex action. 1 b Describe how information is transmitted from neurone X to neurone Y.

1 and 3 The diagram shows the. 21 The diagram with the structure labelled X shows a bacterium with proteins on its surface. A The diagram shows a sperm cell.

1 b Label the effector on the diagram. A to cause capillaries to constrict B to detect changes in temperature C to receive impulses from theD 21. The diagram below of a DNA molecule and on your knowledge of biology.

Which two structures labeled in the diagram other than the large vacuole that indicate this cell is. Humans are multicellular organisms with. The diagram shows the nervous pathway that is used to coordinate the knee-jerk reflex.

The diagram shows the structure of a human sperm cell. 1 2 3 What are the numbered structures. X What is the function of structure X.

Questions 9 and 10 refer to the following diagram of the human digestive system. Centre Number Candidate Number Write your name here Surname Other names Total Marks Paper Reference Turn over P46897A 2016 Pearson Education Ltd. 1 2 3 A cerebrum cerebellum pituitary gland B cerebrum hypothalamus medulla C.

BA chemical bond is broken in region 2. The Home of Revision For more awesome GCSE and A level resources visit us at wwwsavemyexamscouk. The scent of those textbooks.

20 The diagram shows some of the structures seen in a section through human skin. The diagram shows a reflex pathway in a human. 15 The diagram shows part of the human digestive system.

Answer choices Cell Organ system Organ Tissue Tags. Row System A System B System C 1 blood cells glucose. 2 and 4 D.

Which organs are associated with the transformation of glucose into glycogen. 1 Human Cell Diagram Parts Pictures Structure and Functions The cell is the basic functional in a human meaning that it is a self-contained and fully operational living entity. The sight of the classroom and my teachers voice that said Cmon class open your science books page 41 chapter 3.

D C B A 16 The photomicrograph shows a cross-section through the root of a buttercup plant. These parts work together to help you digest the food you eat. 2 and 3 C.

Which letter in the diagram to the right indicates a cell structure that directly controls the movement of molecules into and out of the cell. A On the diagram name the neurones labelled X and Y. Aphosphate Bdeoxyribose sugar Cribose sugar Dbase 23Structure 3 represents a AStructure 1 is hydrolyzed.

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